About MOOD Apparel

MOOD Apparel creates exceptional clothing you won’t want to take off, unless you have to.  All MOOD clothing comes from sustainable, organic fabrics including Japanese tencel and modal cotton blends.  The MOOD phrase printed on the inside of our clothes is meant for you and nobody sees it.  We use only the finest fabric available and the clothes simply make you feel good.

As the founder and CEO of MOOD apparel, these phrases became significant to me after having a heart transplant at the age of 42.  The inspiration behind each phrase gave me strength during a remarkable recovery after receiving the gift of a new heart.  I wanted to create a brand that inspires people to never give up, always press on, keep fighting and help others along the way.

All our clothing is pre-washed, custom dyed, cut and sewn by world class seamstresses. This men's line includes a crew neck t-shirt made from a cotton blend with Japanese Tencel.  It has unique texture and durability. The two button henley and the hoodie are made from modal cotton blend that feels cashmere.

Our team is a talented group of designers, pattern makers, fabricators with decades of experience in the apparel business.  When you wear MOOD Apparel, you know you have something special.